Portable Safer
Air Machine

The Safer Air Portable Machine AA1668 is an environmentally friendly portable indoor air cleaner that is safe and healthy. With needlepoint bipolar ionization, our product purifies the air by eliminating airborne particulates, microorganisms, germs and pathogens including bacteria, fungi, yeast, molds, allergens and VIRUSES. The AA1668 model also eliminates scents, odors and V.O.C’s which are organic chemicals. NO REPLACEMENT COST Our balance ventilation safer air machine includes a Needle Point Bipolar Ionization. (The winning “engine” for winning the race for P.O.P.E) Did you know that independently test shows that our system which incorporates NPBI 99.6% of contaminants in less than 15 minutes in the spaces

  • Heavy duty ergonomic handle.
  • Maintenance free heavy-duty double ball barring DC transfer fan for extra-long life 113 CFM.
  • +/- Ionization NPBI module (0.00 PPM PER UL 867 2007. - 2010 CHAMBER TEST).
  • 48-inch industrial power cord. 105/130VAC .
  • Heavy Duty non-marking anti-skid bottom grippers (To allow support on uneven surfaces).
  • Esthetically pleasing casing with additional sound dampening attributes for high volume air flow and super quiet operations (Multiple color options available).
  • Heavy duty particulate permanent washable filter.

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Portable Safer
Air Machine

Portable pro XR air machine

Ductless Safer
Air system

Conventional Safer Air system

Attaches to a ventilation system.

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Sleek design for home and office use.


Attaches to a single ductless unit.

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USB charging port and BOSE speaker.

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